Best Chess Set Tables

A chess table is an important piece of furniture for a strong chess lover. It will immediately become a classic addition to the beauty of the room if it has been selected well out of the many different designs out in the market.

Tables are meant to command concentration and when a game of chess is the subject, the players need every bit of concentration they can get. The best chess set tables will mostly create practice interests in beginners with their stylish and attractive designs.

Below are our selection for the best you can get from the market;

  1. The Alabaster chess table:

This chess table is made from Italian mahogany and solid walnut wood which makes the table very solid and strong. The table top is set on a single central pillar that is raised off its base having rounded creative designs. The table size is measured as 273/8 inches tall, while the square board sides are 231/2 inches.

This is a great hand craft furniture that has a very smooth and reflective surface showing the squares and its attractive finish. It is a beauty that would impressed anyone completely with the way it fits into any corner of your home or office.

  1. The Sorrento chess table:

This is an Italian 27 inches tall chess table, with its top measured at 26 inches. It is hand crafted and designed with Briarwood and mahogany that has a rich glow while the plain area is made of Maplewood and walnut.

The Sorrento chess table rest upon a sturdy pillar supported by three gently curved legs; this design is a very striking feature of this table. It is exquisite with its curved edges that makes it look flush and luxurious.

  1. The Chess, Cracker and Backgammon Table:

This is a perfect fit for those who loves and enjoys playing chess. It is designed in Italy out of prehistoric wormwood that rests on a pillar that has a solid and strong support. It has a storage compartment that is used to store the chess pieces. The table itself measures 241/4 inches tall, the size of the board is 20 inches square. This particular table can last for a long time and still retain its beauty.

  1. The ultimate Italian table:

This table is a small wonder that can be squeezed up on anywhere to enjoy your game. It has a cover that serves multiple purposes which includes having a surface for the chess game, and the surface for checkers or other card games. It is made of hardwoods like briarwood, walnut maple an Italian mahogany.

It has an interior space like a box to store game pieces and other small sized items. This Italian creative craft is one of the best picks and has received positive reviews from so many people who own one.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional chess player, you are advised to go for the best chess set tables. This selection here, is the list to guide you on this tedious task, and you are sure to be relaxed whenever you settle down to play at the table.

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