720 minutes

Do you have 720 minutes?

525,600 minutes, how do you measure a year? (I love the Broadway play, RENT). But the thought here is how much time do you have to dedicate on your business? What are you willing to commit in order to help your business strengthen and grow?

We recently did a survey among our DR members asking about their creativepreneur lifestyle, here were the most common responses:

  • We’re never able to “turn it off”. We’re always on, and always thinking about work.
  • We rarely budget for professional development.

This just makes me sad. Isn’t one of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is to be able to work less and make more? We HAVE to make time to increase our business knowledge.

We need to do better business on the inside in order to do better work with our clients. The goal is to make more profit, to work with the “right” clients, and to have a life that’s not draining and exhausting. To empower ourselves to “turn it off” is a luxury we must give ourselves.

We need to do better business on the inside in order to do better work with our clients.

In the past DR sessions and inside of our private Facebook group, the conversations about the challenges of not being able to make enough time to work ON our businesses – really hit me. I’m excited that creative owners are busy and making money! But I’m sad to think that they are not able to spend dedicated time to focus on improving their business.

One member said they spend about 2 hours per month on the tasks they outlined in order to reach their 6-month goal. But what our members have failed to realize is that some goals are just TOO BIG for 2 hours per month. That’s just 12 hours for the enter 6-month term. 720 minutes to redesign a website; to create and implement a strategic marketing plan; to find, test, purchase, implement, and manage a new project management tool; and to convert their financials into a new piece of software and actually understand how to use it.

It baffles me that we are not giving ourselves permission to schedule time in our weekly calendar to focus on our business. YOUR BUSINESS deserves attention like your very best client. Yes, you need billable hours logged; yes, you have bills to pay; and, yes, you have personal time to account for as well. But it all starts with setting boundaries and time blocking space to mentally connect with your businesses inner workings.

As 2016 is coming to a close and you’re preparing your business for 2017 – how many minutes will you commit to help strengthen and grow your creative business?

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