About Us

Our Mission

Your business is as important to us as it is to you.

We believe in the power of a results-driven, accountable, collaborative community that encourages members to focus on their business goals and invest in themselves for continued professional development. Each term, our members conquer their own business development tasks such as:

  • Launching new products and services
  • Raising rates
  • Implementing sales strategies
  • Evaluating clients
  • Defining a niche
  • Publishing a book
  • Crafting a marketing campaign
  • Hiring staff or leveraging sub-contractors
  • Landing bigger clients
  • Moving into office/co-working space
  • Strengthening relationships with clients
  • Increasing personal confidence to do better


The DR provides the fluid, yet structured environment, that encourages creative business owners to focus on their business and their goals. We believe setting a goal, sharing it with your peers and receiving support and feedback when you need it is powerful. We will not let you fail!

When you promise to take action, you’ll be motivated to get the job done!

Our Founder

Jenny Poff

Jenny Poff, President and Visual Brand Consultant of a small firm in Erie, Pa called Presque Isle Designs, LLC. Her business focuses on entrepreneurs, marketing groups and small businesses and specializes in building and managing their brands. Jenny understands the many hats we wear as not only independent business owners, but as creatives. It’s tough, demanding, rewarding, and exhilarating. But what’s often missing is having someone to hold us accountable for our own actions and goals. That is why the Designers Roundtable (DR) was formed.

As you uncover more about the Designers Roundtable, you’ll see why this community is so attractive. Jenny’s tenacious and steadfast character are the perfect qualities as founder, facilitator, and leader. She encourages each group to stay on task while she holds members accountable to their own business goals. Send Jenny an email with any questions. She’d love to hear from you and how her and the DR can help you achieve more this year.

The Advisory Board & Experienced Creative Moderators

Cassie Brkich

Executive Board Member

Brkich Design

Damien Golden

Executive Board Member


Shannon Scheels

Shannon Scheels

Executive Board Member

Four One One Design

Nancy Ruzow

Board Member & Moderator

Ruzow Graphics

Crystal Reynolds

Board Member & Moderator

Crystal Ink Creative

Jill Anderson

Board Member & Webmistress

Jill Lynn Design

What does a moderator do?

Simply put, we moderate the online monthly video groups, but we like to call us “Experienced Creative Moderators” (ECMs) because we have been operating our business for some time, are highly creative, and have the level of confidence that energizes and inspires our members.

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