Designers Roundtable New Website Launches

Why the new look?

All solo creatives go through different stages of life and different needs and wants, but the common factor we all can relate to is needing the support system to reach our ultimate business goal(s).

We are excited to launch a fresh platform for the Designers Roundtable in a way that translates your needs and puts them into action. Rather than grouping a variety of levels of solo creatives, we feel it is more effective to group together select solo creatives within specific groups that best match their strengths and business goals. This strategy gives you the most beneficial progress as a Designers Roundtable member.

The Explorer- Not ready to air out your dirty laundry and talk about your business to everyone yet? Are you seeking proper guidance to move forward with a business foundation? The Explorer is where your journey begins and destination follows to grow your strengths and feel comfortable in your creative skin. This group of Designers Roundtable is where you can converse with your peers who are going through the same hurdles as you, without worrying about being on camera in a virtual group meeting.

The Builder- This group calls upon a broader scope. Are you working full time and starting to freelance on the side? Shifting complete directions in your business? The Builder is intended to help you create a solid foundation for smart business growth among a group of peers who are going through the same changes as you, wanting to build clientele and workload.

The Strengthener- Have you been successful with your business? Do you have a firm grip and experience in your business and want to pump up the volume? Maybe you feel ready to charge more, hit a different client base, and strengthen your internal operations. The Strengthener will expose you to answers for all of these questions, all with the help of others who are in the same boat. I mean come on let’s face it, it is every entrepreneur’s dream to work less and make more!

The Expander- Inspired by our members who have the experience to go above and beyond in with their business— you have gone from working with the ‘mom and pop’ shops to now working with global companies. Are you one hundred and ten percent committed to raising the bar? That might range from creating higher profile projects, work with bigger budgets, or even raising profits. This group of solo creatives are truly masterminds. The Expander is the only group offering up to ten memberships spots, being a more advanced group. If you consider yourself ready to expand your wings and increase the quality and quantity of your work, you are the Expander.

Your Investment

Being a member of Designers Roundtable solidifies that your goal is being a champion for your own success and the success of your colleagues— and that is valuable. Designers Roundtable will meet monthly in selective groups to mold you into a better businessperson, raise your confidence, and empower you to create the business you desire most. What you as an individual can bring to the roundtable might be something your peers learn from for the first time— and that is valuable. The roundtable is your network of knowing you have fellow creatives on your side, which will save you the stress of looking for resources on your own. Lastly, having a support system for your business will ease your stress, answer your questions, solve your problems, and commonly shown in our past groups, Designers Roundtable is a huge confidence booster— that truly is value.

The Long-Lasting Benefits

No matter what stage you are at with your business we have a group designed to meet your individual needs. At the end of the day, Designers Roundtable is all about accountability and creating an environment for solo creatives to commune, support, and self manage their success. This service will save you time, money, and energy by leaps and bounds. With the help of monthly accountability groups and special events throughout the year, your drive will be ignited to create the creative business you need and deserve.

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