What Members Say About the DR

“The DR is more than an accountability group—It’s a community where you build relationships and friendships with fellow independent designers and creatives. The culture is supportive and dependable and I can rely on the members to come through even on short notice when I need assistance. The group sessions are a safe and private space to speak frankly about specific struggles and questions that other open forums and groups tiptoe around. The DR has all the moral support you get from being employed—minus the office politics!”

—Cara Capizzi

“I love the friendly accountability that Designers Roundtable provides. It’s refreshing to see how other independent creatives are handling many of the same challenges that I face in growing a small business. The goals I set were ambitious and I would not have achieved them if I didn’t have to literally face the group each month!”

—Deb Dulin

“At the end of 2013, I stumbled upon some information about a group that Jenny created called the Designers Roundtable. I decided to join and it’s been one of the best things I could have done for my business.”

—Gina Morin

“Being a freelance designer, a lot of times you can start to feel like you are in it alone. With the Designer’s Roundtable I have a fantastic group of other designers that help keep me motivated, provide encouragement and help challenge me to reach my business goals. I look forward to each meeting and the next day feel focused and ready to push myself closer to my goals.”

—Andrea Brody

“It keeps me moving forward. My accountability partners and I change the way we track it often so that we continue to be engaged and not get bored.”

—DR Member

“It has motivated me to work through the problems in my business to arrive at solutions that otherwise might have gone on the back burner and it keeps me thinking about new, tangible goals that I want to reach.”

—DR Member

“The DR has been a fabulous opportunity for solo designers to get support and new perspectives on the part of being a solo designer that can be the suckiest—the business. Working on one’s own business is the item on the to-do list that always get’s pushed to the side and this group helps you to make headway.”

—Crystal Reynolds

“My business has grown exponentially by joining the DR accountability community. The simple process of writing down and verbalizing my goals to other creative business owners like me, and then achieving them, has given me a higher level of confidence. It’s the little nudges each month to carve out time to work on my business that has given me an edge over my competitors. Plus, having a whole team of creatives to tap into at any time, should a business concern arise, is a huge bonus. I accomplish more now with the DR than I did on my own. The results are more than a completed to do list, it’s like my business has found an endless supply of caffeine.”

—Damien Golden

“The Designers Roundtable is awesome for peer-to-peer feedback, bouncing ideas off of one another, and keeping up with what other freelance designers like me are doing. I discuss both my short-term and long-term goals and the DR keeps me accountable.”

—Jill Anderson

“The Creative Happy Hour was really stimulating—very successful!”

—Mallory Gazecki

“When I joined Designers Roundtable, my focus was solely on client work; I hardly thought about my own company. After several terms with the DR, something unexpected happened—I developed a love for running my business: the processes, client service and marketing. This focus has led to more referrals and better clients (and a happier me). The DR community has truly changed the course of my business for the better.”

—Nadine Noble