Your business is weak

… and it’s more than an accountability problem.

Recently, a creative business owner said to me, “I don’t have time to be a part of an accountability group. My business is too busy.” I wasn’t really sure how to respond. My gut reaction was, “You’re too busy to focus ON your business?”. I respect that as business owners we feel that our precious time should be spent on billable time. But too often I meet creatives who are stressed, overworked, and depressed. Why? Because they don’t have their business gears oiled and operating smoothly.

Being a part of an accountability group is more than just “talking” once a month about your business. It’s about dedicating time to focus on the weaknesses in your business. Knowing that you are strengthening your business from in the inside out, means that you are ready to step up your game.

“I don’t have time to be a part of an accountability group. My business is too busy.”

Members in the DR set goals based on their weakest assets and dedicate time to work on strengthening them. This past term, we had a member dedicate time on her project management tools to save her time and allow space to focus on stronger marketing efforts. The result exceeded her expectations! December was our final call and she was so excited to report that she accomplished her 6-month goal, and that it is just one of the important gears that will help her accomplish her 2017 goals with confidence and full momentum.

Other DR members reported revenue increases from 15-45%! While others are planning trips to Europe, dedicating weekends for personal retreats to dedicate time to focus on their business and not be distracted by client projects.

We’ve had other DR members increase their businesses so much that they have relocated out of their home office, and some that have renovated their home offices to accommodate their growth. Others have put the right tools in place to raise their hourly rates in 2017, while others are stepping up their game and revamping their marketing tactics.

So my question to you is, what is weak in your business? What could you do differently to start building more stability and strength? Remember, you’re working independently to make more money, have a flexible schedule, do the work YOU want, and for the clients YOU want. So why are you settling for less?

You can’t do it alone and that’s why our community exists. We have many great plans for our members in 2017 including FREE webinars on topics such as networking, sales skills, and financial stability. Plus, special live and in person events too!

What are you waiting for? Join the DR today.

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